Advocate Independence

Each Citizen Advocacy relationship is freely given. Each citizen advocate is independent of the citizen advocacy office, of human services, and even of his/her advocacy partner’s family…loyalty is to the individual person…this allows the advocate to speak out and act with freedom and clarity.

Clarity of Staff Function

Citizen Advocacy coordinators do not act as advocates, and the program does not engage in other forms of advocacy.

Program Independence

The Citizen Advocacy office maintains its independence from other human service organizations to help ensure that advocates will not have conflicts of interests.

Diversity of Relationships

The range of advocate roles and the nature of advocacy relationships are very diverse. Advocates choose, together with their partner, the direction and content of their relationship. Citizen Advocacy coordinators orient and support the advocates in these choices.

Positive Imagery

The advocacy office strives to be a model of positive interpretations and images of people with disabilities.

One Person at a Time

“There is no safety net that can bear the weight of human indifference, and I have yet to encounter a safety net of laws, rules, regulation and policies that was any stronger than a single concerned and engaged person, standing shoulder to shoulder with a person, navigating the daily challenges of life in the community.”