Examples of Citizen Advocacy Roles

Citizen Advocate

A competent, independent citizen acting with the support and sanction of a Citizen Advocacy office that is free from conflict of interest, who freely and voluntarily represents as if they were his/her own the interests of one other person who has a disability. An individual who will assist the Citizen Advocacy Coordinator in finding a person who will become a citizen advocate for a particular individual, by talking with friends, neighbors, co-workers, and other people in one’s own community.

Advocate Associate

A person who possesses skills and knowledge useful to advocates and protégés. An advocate associate can offer advice, support, and perspective on such matters as housing, legal advice, employment, health, strategic planning and various technical skills.

Board Member

A director of the board of Citizen Advocacy who shares the responsibility with other board members of advancing the mission and sustaining the presence of Citizen Advocacy in the Bibb County area. The board is a governing, policymaking board which ultimately holds responsibility for the success of Citizen Advocacy in the community. Board members are expected to be active, participating, informed, working members.

Committee Members

An individual who serves on a committee formed by the board, but is not a director of the board. A person may serve on one or more committees, including public relations, fundraising, Citizen Advocacy, or other ad hoc committees. A committee member may also focus on a specific sector of the community, such as business, labor, Churches, etc.

Community Associate

A person who agrees to spread the word about Citizen Advocacy to friends, neighbors, and community associations.

Financial Sponsor

A person who gives financial support to sustain Citizen Advocacy in the Bibb County area, either personally or professionally. Such support is purely voluntary.